Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Brief History of My Cars

So I haven't posted in forever. Guess I need to be better about that but I've been a little too obsessed with playing LOTRO. It's a disease. My novel has fallen by the wayside so I can be an elf Lore-master in Middle Earth. I hope I can manage school and LOTRO.... I may have to drop out and forgo my college education a bit longer. At least until I get Laz up to a level 60. My inner nerd is hurting right now.

However, I need to hurry up and get my act together so I can be rich and not have to drive. Sure, there are other things in life that I could do with a lot of money but if I won the lottery today I would 1. Buy a new house, 2. Buy a new car and 3. Hire someone to drive me from said new house to wherever my whim takes me in said new car. I HATE DRIVING. I think the 14 year-old in me just punched present me but she can deal. She didn't know with freedom comes complete terror. Plus it costs a lot of money to have a car. Seriously. I pay $250 a month for a car I don't even like and $175 a month to insure the care I don't even like then I pay another $50 or so a month to put fuel in the car I don't even like and probably shouldn't be driving because I am either blind or a terrible driver since in my 7-8 years of driving I have had 6 cars and have been in 4 traffic accidents, 2 of which have been my fault, and several other non-traffic accidents all but one of which have been my fault. This last week alone I feel like I have been in nearly 4 accidents 3 of which would have been my fault if they had been accidents. Here is a history of all of my cars and the fate in which they have faced with me at the wheel:

Billy- William Conrad (Billy) was my first car. It was a '88 Toyota Pickup truck with so many dents it was ridiculous but I loved them because they added character. I had Billy from 05/01-12/01.
FATE: Totalled. I was going straight through a light and this asstard turned left and ignored his obligation to yeild and SMASH. Billy was murdered.

Josie Grossy- As a teen I wasn't picky about what kind of car I had. I just didn't want an old lady car, it was all I asked for. My dad used the money from Billy's death and went to an auction. There he got me a '92 Dodge Spirit. Gold. 1oo% old lady car. It smelled like a bowling alley and I even found a plastic card with Jesus on it under the seats. I had Jossie from 01/02-12/03
FATE: Traded in so my dad could get a new truck. I was off in Idaho at college and I didn't miss her. I hated that car with a passion and while she did not die by my hand I wanted to be rid of that car so badly. I was hit in a parking lot by someone not paying attention to where they were backing up but my parents decided not to file anything and another time I backed into the sign at Dairy Queen that pointed where the drive thru was. I worked at DQ at the time and it wasn't until 5 or 6 years later when DQ was under new ownership that that sign was put upright (it leaned to the right after I hit it).

Persephone- The unwilling goddes of hell. I was hell in this poor cars case. It was origionally my sister's car, a '91 Plymoth Laser Turbo. I don't consider myself a sports car person but that was a fun little car and FAST. When I came home from college I needed a car to drive. My sister had taken over payments of my dad's car and he got a new truck so her car hadn't a driver. I was allowed to take that car with me to college where, in an attempt to make a trip to St. George, Utah, I pulled out from a parking lot in Provo, UT and hit someone. Persephone lost her front bumper which my uncle tied back on with a rope and there it stayed for another year. I had Persephone from 09/04-03/06
FATE: Technically, traded in but Persephone was totalled. A few months after my accident in Utah I was back home in Missouri on my way to work and was rear-ended by a dump truck. The dude didn't have insurance so I had to deal with the car having f-d up electrical work until i could afford my VERY own first car...

Ginny- Ginny was a sage green Hyndai Accent. I loved Ginny. It was my very first car that was MY car. I had Ginny from 03/06-10/07.
FATE: Totalled. I was pulling out of a parking lot and hit someone... sounds familiar? Because it happened to Persephone too. There was no saving Ginny she was dead. Air bags burned the hell outta my arms though it was awful.

Martha- A friend of my dad's had a daughter who wanted to buy her first car and couldn't until her current car sold. I purchased that car. It was a '96 Chevy Corsica. It was kinda ghetto fab but it did the job and I didn't have car payments NOR did I have to have full-coverage insurance which was nice since I had 2 at fault accidents in 3 years. I had Martha from 10/07-04/08.
FATE: Dead. I turned a corner and KLUNK. Transmission went out. Wasn't worth fixing so we sold it to our mechanic for parts. I also slid down a hill during an ice storm and took out my wheel and part of my front bumper.

Jupiter-Now, Jupiter is alright. It is my current car, not the car of my choice but with my credit and my parents inability to cosign it was 1 of 2 choices. I would have rathered teh Saturn Ion but I got the Suzuki Forenza b.c it had a cheaper interest rate. Jupiter has been in 1 scrap with me as her owner, my boyfriend was backing out of the driveway and didn't see my car and hit it. Did more damage to his Prius than my Forenza. I have had Jupiter from 04/08 to present.

There you have it. A history of my cars. Take this knowledge with you to the grave...

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